Spartanburg, SC (WSPA) – While D-HEC is working to increase testing for Covid-19, tracing the positive cases and anyone they could have infected is an important part of tracking this virus.

Public health officials are looking for ordinary people from any neighborhood to help them track Covid-19 cases.

It’s a call for service to help your fellow man by tracking Covid-19 positive cases and following the interactions of an infected person. It’s called contact tracing.

“Some of our under resourced areas we did not have the ability to provide services to get testing supplies to providers in rural areas and that’s another reason were establishing those pop up clinics.” State Epidemeologist, Dr. Linda Bell said.

Now DHEC is looking for workers to trace and document the movements of those infected, so those people can self-quarantine and prevent further spread.

“The main thing we look at is it actionable information, is there an action that is recommended for the people that we are notifying.” DHEC Physician, Dr. Brannon Traxler said.

Contact tracers are nothing new, during normal operations dhec usually employees about 20 people across South Carolina to track diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis.

“We currently have surged that number to 400 contract tracers because of covid-19. We’ll also have the ability to contract up to 1400 additional contract tracers through two private firms.”
S.C. State Emergency Response Team, Laura said.

To become a tracer, simply apply on D-HEC’s website, pass a background check and complete the necessary training.

“These are individuals who can be trained to understand rules of confidentiality, and can be trained to inform people of basic actions that they need to take and also to ask some basic questions.”
DHEC, Incident CMDR Covid-19 Response, Nick Davidson, said.

The work is mainly done by phone and follow-up paper work is necessary. Hundreds of workers are still needed in each state including South Carolina.

While many have already applied, officials are still looking for workers and as long as there are coronavirus cases, the need will continue.

 Contact tracers will go through two training sessions. The first for 3 hours and another training session that lasts for 6-hours.

Here’s the link to answer questions and apply to work as a contact tracing…