ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – An Anderson diversity and inclusion event called Connect happened Tuesday in Anderson County.

At the annual event, speakers spoke about diversity and inclusion in the Upstate and this year, organizers honored the 5 known lynching victims in Anderson Co.

The Connect symposium started in 2016 and every year speakers cover many critical issues, organizers said.

Chief Diversity Officer at AnMed Health, Juana Slade said the goal is to improve equality in the workplace, health and education.

“We’ve talked about racial differences, we’ve talked about public safety, security, those types of things,” Slade said. “This year we are focusing on what is called racial terror.”

She said organizations honored the 5 known lynching victims in Anderson County and they were the center of the discussion at the event.

Chief Executive Officer at AnMed Health, William Kenley said it can be emotional and difficult.

“This is not a piece of history any of us are proud of, it’s not. I recognize that it can be emotional and difficult, but my view is that it’s reality, it happened, and we have to get past that,” Kenly said.

Slade said she hopes people listened, learned and take action.

“What are some of the things we need to talk about as a community that may have happened and may have been experienced by one population and not necessarily another and ultimately, we will use that information perhaps to look at ways to improve health outcomes for some of the populations here in our community,” Slade said.