Patrick Kelly went to the Union County Medical Center for a sore throat last March, but he never returned home. Kelly died at the hospital, and now lawyers say a temporarily-hired doctor is to blame.

Kelly went to the hospital and was given medicine to treat his sore throat, but returned to the hospital hours later with an allergic reaction to the medicine he was given.  The lawsuit alleges that Kelly was not treated properly for that allergic reaction on multiple steps.

The lawsuit then alleges that Sorour unsuccessfully tried to intubate, then going to to search how to perform a Cricothyrotomy procedure that was unsuccessful. Kelly died at the hospital.

The coroner called the Union Police Department to investigate the death, to which they found Youtube open on Sorour’s computer.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, the owner of Union Medical Center, states that Sorour was a temporary employee hired through the company Locum Tenen. Sorour no longer practiced medicine at any Spartanburg Regional hospitals after March 2016.

Through our investigation, we found that Sorour was arrested for misdemeanor assault in Virginia in 2008. He was found guilty and ended up serving 20 weekends in jail.

When applying for a license to practice medicine in 2011, Sorour wrote a 3-page letter outlining his charges. They were never investigated.

You can read that letter, here: Hani Sorour LLR Letter

We reached out to Locum Tenen about the background check practices of their temporary employees. We did not receive a response.

Spartanburg Regional states that they cannot respond to allegations in the lawsuit because it is pending litigation.

To read that lawsuit, click here: Hani Sorour Lawsuit