Relief for victims of Hurricane Florence in South Carolina is coming sooner than some residents may have expected.

The One SC Fund, which was created after the Great Floods of 2015 has already received donations towards recovery efforts. 

The fund plays a crucial role in getting residents back on their feet after a natural disaster.
Friday morning, Governor Henry McMaster announced a $500,000 donation from United HealthCare to help victims of Hurricane Florence in South Carolina.

“We’ve never had this much rain, this much water in the state, we had rain that fell on South Carolina, but also rain that fell on North Carolina,” said McMaster. 

Hundreds of people living near the coast of South Carolina have been forced from their homes by rising rivers and flash floods.

JoAnn Turnquist with the Central Carolina Community Foundation was also on hand with Governor McMaster. 

Turnquist added, “This disaster is one of unique magnitude, it hasn’t ended, it’s going to continue.”

For many residents, the home they left behind, won’t be the same home they return to.

But that’s where One SC Fund comes in. The fund was created to help residents recover after disasters. 

“The people effected are in rural areas they don’t have a Home Depot down the street. They don’t have a Lowe’s and often they don’t have the volunteers or funds to even know where to start,” Turnquist continued. 

100% of the money in the fund goes directly to disaster recovery. 

“We’re deeply concerned about the impact to South Carolina and we’re committed to rebuilding the state and the work that’s going on,” added Garland Scott, the CEO of United HealthCare. 

For many families the fund gives a fresh start, but for others the money won’t replace what they’ve lost in the storm.

There have been 9 storm related deaths, including 2 mental health patients who wre being transported when flood waters swept away the van they were in. 

During the announcement at Emergency Management, Governor McMaster said he has reached out to the victims’ families. 

“I have contacted or attempted to speak personally to the families of everyone who has lost someone during this crisis this tragedy.. these 2 included.. that’s now 9 lives lost.”

Want to donate to relief efforts visit One SC Fund HERE.