STATESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Ever meet someone who’s always in a good mood, despite having a pile of troubles? Folks like that can brighten any room and are favorites among their friends. But sometimes those ambassadors of happiness aren’t even people at all. 

When the staff of Rescue Ranch in Statesville first met Whiskey, they knew this was no ordinary lab. Recently rescued from a high-kill shelter, Whiskey’s new to the foster home system.

“And unfortunately, when we took him to the vet we didn’t get the news we wanted,” said April Aarington of Rescue Ranch.

With tumors on his spleen and a bad case of heartworms, Whiskey’s future isn’t too bright.

As for his past…

“He’s probably 15 or 16, who knows what he’s been through,” said Aarington. “If he’s in any sort of pain you’d never know it from the way he acts.”

Maybe that’s because Whiskey’s too busy tearing through his bucket list. 

“So far, he got to swim in a pool, he’s had a happy meal, he’s painted a picture, he went to a birthday party, we took him to a bar the other night,” said Aarington.

For the past few weeks, Whiskey has been on a tear, checking off ‘must-do’s’ while he still has the time.

“He’s met all the animals at the ranch, he’s obsessed with the sheep. Whiskey doesn’t even know he’s sick. He’s just full of life he’s bouncy he’s happy.”

But as special as this old retriever is, the folks at Rescue Ranch say he’s not the only one. 

“There’s a lot of Whiskeys out there, we just wanna provide them with a loving home and a great life for as long as they might have,” said Aarington.

However long that turns out to be, know that Whiskey plans to make the most of it.

If you’d like to help a dog like Whiskey, or any other foster animal, the folks at Rescue Ranch in Statesville welcome your assistance.