Crews from the Environmental Protection Agency will return to Chester County in June to try and extinguish a landfill fire that has been burning since November.

EPA Spokesman James Pinckney told 7 On Your Side Investigative Reporter Dave Jordan that “suppression efforts” will begin at the Bennett Industrial Landfill on Monday, June 1. It’s part of the EPA’s so-called “plan of attack,” Pinckney said.

The Bennett Landfill caught fire in November 2014. Local fire departments along with the Department of Health and Environmental Control, or DHEC worked to put out the fire.  EPA officials returned to the landfill in January to look at removing remaining debris and noticed the fire was still burning.

Air samples taken from a plume of smoke contained toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. Officials believed those chemicals came from burning construction debris.

Ronald Olsen, the owner of the landfill, was indicted May 22 for not having money set aside to pay for  landfill cleanup and closure costs, a requirement under South Carolina law.  He is due in court June 4th.