If you travel I-85 or I-385 in Greenville overnight, you can expect a few bumps in the road Monday and Tuesday night.

Thanks to the project at the 85-385 gateway interchange, some folks’ commutes will be impacted. 7 News learned drivers may need to add some extra time to their commute, as the old I-385 bridge is set to be demolished Monday night.

“I moved down here three years ago from Albany, and I think they were working on it then,” Bart Salerno said. “And they’re still working on it now.”

Bart Salerno told 7 News, if he’s learned anything since moving to the Upstate, it’s that road projects happen often.

“The traffic is worse down here than it is up north,” he said.

So, when Salerno learned about the next phase of the gateway project at the I-85 and I-385 interchange, he was less than thrilled.

That’s because the next phase will begin Monday night on a route Salerno travels every single day to get to work.

“I leave Cherrydale every day at about 3:00 to get to Sam’s at 4:00,” he said. “I give myself an extra hour.”

A portion of I-85 southbound will be closed while crews demolish the old I-385 bridge Monday night, and officials are telling drivers, like Salerno, to expect detours both Monday and Tuesday–beginning at 11:00 p.m. and lasting until 5:00 a.m.

“Sometimes, I take that road at night,” Chandler Craft said. “It takes forever to get five minutes, or just a few miles down the road.”

Chandler Craft told 7 News his sister will be impacted by the project.

“It’s going to take her a good little bit to get from home to work and from work back home.”

All I-85 southbound traffic will be detoured at Exit 51-C to I-385 northbound. Then, those drivers will take the Roper Mountain Road exit to get back on I-385 southbound, to get to Exit 36-B and I-85 southbound.

“I’ll probably either get off at Roper or I’ll head down to Butler, make a U-turn, come right back, and get off on Woodruff,” Salerno said.

Road officials are asking drivers to pay close attention to all road work and speed limit signs, and traffic patterns, during the detours.