GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)– Despite the rain on Friday, the restaurants and drink vendors were out in full force for Fall for Greenville. With 140 tents set up all along Main Street, there’s something for everyone.

From Greenville staples like Larkin’s to traditional eats like Papi’s Tacos.

“Blackberry jam bourbon beef tips, served with mashed potatoes we also have a mac and cheese and our award winning shrimp and grits,” Lauren Brager lists some of the items Larkin’s is offering.

“Churros that people like we always have those and we also added an el lote, a Mexican street corn,” co-owner Jorge Barralles tells 7NEWS what they’re serving up.

Food is what brings many out to Fall for Greenville.

“It’s starting to be a little tradition for us and we’re excited to be here this year,” Barralles said.

And to wash it all down head to the many beer taps or the wine garden.

“The people are great getting to talk about our wines and having everybody come in and sample the wines,” Josh Jones, field sales manager with Breakthrough Beverage, said.

Those serving food and drinks say it’s all about the community coming together, especially after a tough year.

“So far great things there are actually a lot more people than I thought there would be,” Brager said.

With all of the great things to do at Fall for Greenville it has grown over the past several years, bringing in people from all over the country.

The city says during presale tickets they sold to people in 26 different states.

“We had business in Charlotte and we heard about this so we wanted to come down and check it out for the weekend,” Ken Bohn, from Michigan, said.

“I think that’s great I can see why people would want to come here, it’s a cool place and neat atmosphere despite the rain,” Jeff Browne from Cincinnati said.

And people who have recently moved from Greenville came to enjoy the day too.

“We love greenville, they put-on events like this and when they do it they make sure it’s focused on the community and the people who come here and so we love that,” Dan Porcaro said.

And they weren’t going to let the weather keep them away.

“We’ve never been before and we heard it’s great and even though its raining I think it’s still exceeding our expectations,” Kristina Porcaro said.

They’ve got plans to catch all the action. Food? All of it. Bands, there’s probably going to be a lot of variety so we just want to hear a great mix of what the culture is,” Bohn said.

They are hoping Saturday will bring some better weather.“We’re going to get this experience today and hopefully it clears up tomorrow and we’re going to make the best of it,” Stacey Brown said.