CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA)- A couple of months ago we covered infrastructure issues at an apartment complex in Clemson, Dockside Apartments.

However, some residents say things have only gotten worse.

In October there was a carbon monoxide leak, but residents at dockside apartments say they’re now dealing with flooding from the water pipes in the ceiling bursting.

“There’s just a lot of safety and construction issues,” one Dockside resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

Some of the other problems, residents say alarms that go off for 3 days straight, sprinklers going off, cracks in the walls, and mold.

“I’ve had like glue and chemicals seeping through my floors that I have to scrape out every morning,” a Dockside resident said.

On Wednesday morning the Clemson city fire marshal, Bryce Johnson, went out to inspect the building.

“There have been some issues that are going to have to be addressed. I have spoken to their management,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the main focus right now is clearing up the flooding, and then he says management is expected to fix everything else.

Dockside residents say the fire marshal posted a warning outside the building calling it an “unsafe structure”.

Johnson said, “When I come back after their work is completed that they will be doing, I will do a reinspection and make sure all of those items are fixed.”

However, some residents say it’s too far gone, and they want to leave.

“Myself and many residents, we want out. We’re not asking for this huge lump sum of money, we’re not asking for these grandiose things. I think a lot of people just want out of their lease, they want to feel heard and seen,” a Dockside resident said.

Residents say they have reached out to dockside about these issues, but say they haven’t gotten helpful responses.

7NEWS has also reached out to the property owners of Dockside for a comment, but they have not responded.