CHESNEE, S.C. (WSPA) – If you call 911 in Chesnee, you’ll get a response from police, firefighters or emergency medical services.

Also, you’re likely to get a visit from the same guy.

Tyler Chatham works for all three agencies in the city.

“I’m Officer Chatham of the Chesnee Police Department,” he told us.

But wait, there’s more. “I’m also Assistant Chief Chatham at Chesnee Community Fire Department.”

If the call is for a medical emergency, Chatham said, “I also work EMS part-time as an EMT.”

Chatham is a North Carolina native who moved to Chesnee around ten years ago. He’s married with two sons.

He’s been with the fire department the longest, about ten years and adding EMS was a natural progression. About a year ago, he told his wife he wanted to also join the Chesnee Police Department.

“It was fun. It was four weeks online, a lot of legals, (learn) how laws work,” Chatham told 7NEWS. “And then eight weeks down in Columbia was the difference for sure. I didn’t come from a military background like a lot of them guys. So that was a new experience for me.”

Now, he works for all three first responder agencies. Chatham imagines he gets recognized when he’s on the job. Or should I say jobs?

“I know that they see me getting off a different truck all kinds of days, but just depending on what day of the week it is, I guess.”

So, which department does he prefer? It depends on the day.

“I enjoy the police department. I do enjoy I enjoy it fire departments,” Chatham said. “It’s just a matter what day it is. I guess I enjoy it for whatever day I might be working.”