GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The next generation of first responders in Greenville County includes lots of home-grown talent.

Kelsey Jasper, who became an emergency medical technician last September, wasn’t likely to become a first responder when she was younger.

“My grandfather was an EMT with Greenville County back in the early 2010s and he loved it,” Jasper said. “I never even considered it as a profession until I saw him do it.”

Jasper took advantage of being able to train at the Greenville County EMT Academy.

The 10-week course is sponsored by the county. The cost of training, and any additional materials needed for the course, are paid for by Greenville County.

Trainees are paid as they go through the instruction.

“It (the training) was very intense,” according to Jasper. “We started with 16 and I think there are seven of us who are working on trucks right now. So, it’s very intense and very involved, but I’m glad I have the drive and the passion to do it.”

EMT graduates are then sent straight into the field.

Jasper will now go through training to become a paramedic.

That involves more than a year of instruction, but once again Greenville Co. is there to cover the costs.

That course is taught both online and in person.

She told us she wants to explore becoming a member of the HAZMAT team with an eventual goal of joining the coroner’s office.