In Paula Quinby’s classroom at Reidville Elementary School, there aren’t many students sitting in traditional desks.

From seats made of tires and milk crates to special stools that swivel and rock, these fourth graders are free to find the place that feels best to them.

“We know they learn different ways,” said Quinby. “They also need to be seated different ways to learn their best.”

A few years ago, Quinby noticed the need to allow kids to fidget be comfortable and feel at home. The freedom to move made a difference.

Quinby says parents picked up on the change too. “They’ve seen their grades come up. They’ve seen their focus improve. They come home talking about enjoying school.”

“Having all these options is really neat,” said student Carlee Stratton.

Student David Hurt also appreciates the seating variety. “I’m comfortable and when I’m comfortable, I learn best and that’s what usually suits me. Sometimes I like standing up when I work or sometimes I like sitting down in a comfortable place to read.”

Several teachers at Reidville Elementary have projects on to fund the seating options in their classrooms.

Students sit on tire seats, kneel on pillows