GREENVILLE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – A woman claiming that Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis sexually harassed and assaulted her while she was employed by the Sheriff’s Office, has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Savanah Nabors, names Sheriff Will Lewis, Greenville County, Greenville County Administrator Jospeh Kernell, and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

The lawsuit states that Nabors was hired by the Sheriff, shortly after he took office to be his assistant to “go everywhere the Sheriff went”. That included meetings, conferences, speeches, officer shootings, murders, crime scenes, training, and press conferences.

The lawsuit alleges that the sexual harassment began almost immediately after Nabors began working and got worse as time passed.

The lawsuit details times where Nabors said Lewis would comment on her appearance, calling her gorgeous, stunning, and sexy. The lawsuit also states that Nabors was given special privileges, like new cars and private trips to the BMW Performance track with the Sheriff.

Nabors alleges she was possibly drugged and sexually assaulted by Lewis on two consecutive nights during a work trip to Charlotte this March.

The lawsuit says when they returned, the sheriff would show up at Nabors house announced, became protective over the people she socialized with, and would continuously bring up the Charlotte trip. The lawsuit says he even tried to get her to share a room with him on a company trip to Reno.

When back in Greenville, Nabors says she attempted to report the Sheriff’s actions to others in the Sheriff’s Office. The lawsuit claims when she did this, she was told to resign by Lewis, which she did in April of this year.

Nabors attorney, Kyle White, could not comment much since the litigation is pending but says they are looking forward to “Savannah having her day in court.”

White says the sheriff should be served with the lawsuit later this week or next, and he would have 30 days to respond.

The details of the claims, including recorded conversations between Lewis and Nabors, are contained within the lawsuit filing, which you can read here: Savannah Nabors Lawsuit

We reached out to Lewis’ attorney, who declined to comment on the allegations contained within the lawsuit.

We also reached out to Greenville County spokesperson Bob Mihalic. He told us the county would make the appropriate response with the court once they are officially served with the suit.

The State Law Enforcement Division has an open and active investigation ongoing with the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying they would respond to the “veracity of the allegations” once the SLED investigation is complete.