Union Co. teacher Leigh Anne Arthur, whose nude photos were taken from her phone and sent to other students, was not properly supervising her students and she routinely allowed them to use her cell phone with her full permission, according to a statement from Superintendent Dr. David Eubanks.

Eubanks says Arthur was not where she should have been at the time the incident occurred.

The statement also goes on to say that Arthur’s comments that the student is not being punished are incorrect and that the student’s punishment will be determined by law enforcement findings.

Read his full statement below:

One of the most critical responsibilities that a classroom teacher has is the supervision of students. In this particular case there was a breakdown in the classroom in that most critical area. Evidence and statements indicate that the teacher was not where she should have been at the time the incident occurred. As a result, a student accessed inappropriate material on her phone, sent it to others, and as a result also may also be severely punished by law enforcement as well as the school district. This is a case where a staff member, properly supervising students, could have prevented a very serious problem. Contrary to statements attributed to Ms. Arthur concerning the phone, evidence indicates that students routinely used the teacher’s cell phone with full her permission. The teacher involved has widely reported that the student is not being punished. That is incorrect along with many other statements made by her. The extent of the punishment of the student will be determined by the findings of law enforcement. One error, along with many false statements, by a teacher, has and will affect the lives of many.