Fountain Inn, SC – (WSPA)Ft. Inn High School Principal Maureen Tiller, Mayor GP McLeer, City Manager Shawn Bell and students from Rudolph Gordon and Bryson Middle schools helped to announce the new school colors for Ft. Inn High school Thursday.

The school will open in 2021 however the school colors Maroon, Navy and Gray, the Fury and a Phoenix were all unveiled as the images representing the students, faculty and staff.

Students were wearing the school colors with images of the animal on their shirts at the time of the reveal Thursday morning.

Mayor McLeer said the colors are a representation of the school uniting the community. He mentioned that there were two high schools in Ft. Inn decades ago, one housing African Americana and the other housing white students. The Mayor said they were chosen by popularity, to honor the past and bring together all students.

Community members were polled at farmers markets, community events and on social media. Students had a large say in the final decisions Principal Tiller explained.

This website from Greenville County Schools has more information about the construction process