GREENVILLE, S.C (WSPA)- South Carolinians will be paying $0.02 extra at the gas pump starting on Thursday, July 1.

It’s a part of the Gas Tax Fund, aiming to better roads and bridges in the state.

The Gas Tax Fund has been going on since 2017, increasing the tax by 2-cents every year.

Curtis Blakely says it’s time highways get fixed in South Carolina, as he says he’s spent hundreds of dollars repairing his car.

“I guess about $800 worth of work to my front end,” Blakely said.

He blames it on the condition of the roads.

“Dings and dents in the street, they got potholes,” Blakely said.

Adding, “We’re stuck with this problem all of the time. Everybody who drives a car knows just about what I’m talking about.”

South Carolina Department of Transportation Communications Director, Pete Poore says highway conditions have been a continuous problem in South Carolina for years.

The reason? He says because the state didn’t have an adequate gas tax.

“It’s still the lowest in the southeast and it was one of the lowest in the country,” Poore said.

Since 2017, South Carolina’s gas tax ​has increased 2-cents per year.

Poore says the money made from the tax goes towards fixing pot holes, bridges, and repaving highways.

“By this time next year we will have repaved or resurfaced or rebuilt another 5,000 miles of roads,” Poore said.

Effective Thursday, July 1, drivers will see the tax increase by 2-cents once again.

Poore explained, “Every county in the state benefits from the paving program. So the money that’s been approved to spend on paving, which is the new 2-cents, every county will share in those new funds and there will be paving done in every county.”

Next year in 2022, the gas tax will go up another 2-cents, but it will be the last year of that 6-year gas tax increase.

For a list of projects SCDOT has completed and will work on in the future, click here.