Spartanburg County, SC (WSPA) – More than 3-hundred-thousand upstate residents have a new way to “go green.” Spartanburg County opened a new recycling collection center in Boiling Springs today.

This recycling center rivals all others in the surrounding area, it sits on multiple acres and it’s ready to take those disposable items from your household and even your home workshop.

“We’ll start out with having basically 4 compactors in place, which Becker Compactor helped us out tremendously with getting those in place.” Spartanburg County Solid Waste Manager, Kevin Farmer said.

Over the past year, solid waste received at Spartanburg County recycling centers has increased by nearly 7%.

“In the past, I’ve actually stopped and picked up mattresses, things that have been left, they’ve just thrown their trash out and I’ve gone personally and picked those up and taken them up to the Wellford landfill, its a long drive. here, you can bring things like that here.” Spartanburg County Council, Councilman Jack Mabry said.

The finishing touches are still being put on the new collection center, which has the capacity to accept up to 40 tons of paper, cardboard and some household items. The previous Valley Falls location can only handle 16 tons of paper.

“In the city, you may have garbage men who come by and pick up the trash. You can pay for the service or you can bring your trash to the local compacting station. That may work in some cases, but not for a lot of people in Boiling Springs, Chesnee, or in the Inman area. It’s not going to work for them.” Councilman Mabry said.

This $3 million dollar investment sits on 7 acres, the footprint of the center is 4.5 acres, leaving room for expansion. The current space and lanes are wide enough to accomodate tractor trailors.

“We’ve got the queue lanes I mentioned a while ago all coming in so when we enter into the holiday season, we’re really set up to have a good operation here and it will be safe for the citizens.” Farmer said.

This newly expanded site has security cameras installed at each port and is focused on improving safety, capacity, and convenience.

The former Valley Falls Recycling Center will be closed and this center will service Boiling Springs and the surrounding area.

The old site will permanently close tonight, the new site’s hours will be 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, that starts Wednesday, December 15th.