COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – Governor Henry McMaster has announced $25 million will be invested into the Workforce Scholarships for the Future program.

In a press release made by the Governor, it was announced that $25 million in scholarship investments will be available for those seeking financial help in ‘high-demand’ fields to cover their tuition and required fees.

The Workforce Scholarships will be applicable to the sixteen technical colleges located in South Carolina until the funds

Those interested in applying for the scholarships should be individuals planning to obtain an Associates Degree or industry credentials in ‘high-demand’ fields; healthcare, information technology, computer science, transportation, logistics, construction, distribution, or manufacturing to list several available options.

“This will bring forth an opportunity for people to gain a skill, get a good job, and work here in the state of South Carolina, so that’s what it means on an individual basis,” President of S.C. Technical College System, Tim Hardy said. “The governor’s announcement today of 25 million will change lives.”

The program will be available for all South Carolinian citizens, and recent high school graduates, enrolled in a qualified program. The full list of requirements can be located on the sctechsystem website.

“It is our job to see that this enormous talent, this great talent pool that we have in our state is prepared and educated and ready to do the work,” Governor McMaster said.

The scholarship McMaster announced that the funds stem from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) to address the labor shortages South Carolina has been seeing the past several years.