GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) – Greenville County Sheriff’s Office investigators have arrested a 64-year-old woman after an 18-month-old child died after he was left in a car outside a Greenville County home back in May.

According to sheriff’s office news release, Janik Nix, 64, was charged with homicide by child abuse, after she left a child in a vehicle on May 31, which resulted in the child’s death.

An investigation revealed that Nix was “negligent while the victim was in her care as the child was left in a motor vehicle for an extended period of time, ultimately resulting … in the victim’s death.” 

At her bond hearing Wednesday night, Nix was given no bond.

We reported earlier that the Greenville County Coroner’s Office said Joe Avery James Lockaby was visiting his grandmother’s house on Rogers Ave. in Greenville County. 

The child was later found unresponsive by his grandmother after being left in the car for an unknown period of time. 

The coroner says his grandmother took him out of the vehicle and tried to bring down his temperature, but was unsuccessful. 

The child was pronounced dead at the scene around 5 p.m. on May 31.

We had previously spoken to the child’s mother who called the child’s death a freak accident after the child’s grandmother had fainted, leaving the toddler in the hot car unattended.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the coroner’s office were investigating the case. The Department of Social Services was also notified of the incident.