GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Pendleton Place and Greenlink are partnering to connect Greenville youth in crisis with services and safety.

The partnership is part of the national Safe Place program, which aims to extend the reach of local youth service agencies by partnering with other organizations that can provide safe spots temporarily.

The YMCA and QuikTrip have partnered with Pendleton Place as part of the program over the past year.

With Greenlink now contributing, anyone aged 12 to 21 can get on a Greenlink bus or head to the Transit Center in downtown Greenville and ask the bus driver or Greenlink staffer for assistance. They will then arrange for representatives from Pendleton Place to meet them at the Transit Center. Pendelton Place will then assess how it can support them.

“I think having greater access, expanding access to Safe Place, and it being literally on wheels is going to greatly impact the number of youth who are able to access the service,” said Joshua Crocker, who is the youth resource center director at Pendleton Place.

Youth in need can also receive help through Safe Place by texting “SAFE” to the number “4HELP.”