Greenville, SC (WSPA)- Greenlink is testing the new Proterra Catalyst E2 series model electric bus.

The bus is a 40-foot and fully electric. It can hold 40 passengers seated and 37 standing.

Greenlink is doing testing to understand the new buses logistics by examining route distance, speed, number of stops and passenger load to determine future routes.

It will not be open to passengers, but will operate on existing routes and alternate routes that could result from Greenlink’s ongoing operations study.

The Greenville Transit Authority (GTA) has submitted a grant for a chance to be able to buy six more Proterra zero-emission buses for the city.

The buses are expected to be able to complete a full 14 hour work day without charge due to its 251 miles per charge capability.

In order to prepare for a potential fleet upgrade, Greenlink has to figure out which fixed routes would be best to accommodate the new bus model.