GREENVILLE, SC – Several local activist groups hosted a nine-mile walk down one of Greenville’s deadliest roads, Friday, in solidarity with those who lost their lives there over the years.

The purpose of the walk was to call attention to a lack of street lights down White Horse Road.

There is a lack of infrastructure, lack of lighting and a lack of support from our elected officials,” said walker Hoa Wuu of Barea. “So we’re here to walk in silence, but we’re also here to walk in remembrance of what happened.”

According to Traci Fant, President of Freedom Fighters Upstate SC, the calls were not new. Fant said that local activists have asked Greenville County Council to stand up for purchasing street lights in the past.

“Summertime is coming, so you know that there’s going to be even more foot traffic, more pedestrians walking with the summer. We don’t want to see another fatality,” said Fant.

According to S.C. Highway Patrol, on the stretch of U.S. 25 that runs through Greenville and covers all of White Horse Rd, there have been 4 fatalities since the start of the new year.

Fatalities by year:

2018 – 4

2017 – 8

2016 – 13

2015 – 16

2014 – 11

2013 – 8

The following are pedestrian fatalities on that stretch of U.S. 25:

2018 – 0

2017 – 4

2016 – 4

2015 – 5

2014 – 2

2013 – 4

The Berea Fire Department told 7 News that they respond accidents on the road several times a week.

“We’re in white horse road almost daily. From the station to 253, we’ve probably run an average of 4-5 wrecks a week,” said Lieutenant Tim Williams.  “When we get out at night, you do notice how dark it can be on the roads when we’re trying to operate, even, with the lights we have on the trucks.”

Walkers began the walk at the corner of Burdine Drive and White Horse Rd, and ended at Augusta Road.