GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The city of Greenville is trying to crack down on excessive noise in the city.

The City Council unanimously approved changes to the city’s noise ordinance on Monday. The amended ordinance must go through one more reading before it goes into effect.

“We do have vehicles that go by producing a tremendous amount of noise,” City Council Member Dorothy Dowe said. “It’s a problem for the patrons at the downtown restaurants, and it’s a problem for people enjoying the outdoors.”

This is the first time the ordinance has been amended since 2004, according to City Attorney Leigh Paoletti. The changes were proposed after the city conducted a noise study.

“The proposed changes will serve to advance the goal of the council in the ordinance, which is to preserve the balance between the noise of a thriving community and the peaceable enjoyment of both public and private spaces within the city,” Paoletti said during the council meeting.

Under the new rules, police officers can stand within three feet of a property or object to measure sound. If the sound is louder than the city’s decibel limit, officers can write tickets, which can range from $100 to $500.

“We are here to keep downtown safe,” Greenville Police Chief Howie Thompson said. “But, we want it to also be enjoyable for everybody. Being able to help control the noise makes it enjoyable for all the people who come downtown and visit.”

Under the city’s previous rules, police officers could only issue citations if a person made a noise complaint. That is no longer necessary under the new rules. Officers can choose to measure sound at their discretion.

There will be exceptions to the rules. According to Paoletti, noise coming from Fluor Field will be exempt. Dowe requested that noise coming from high school stadiums be exempt as well.

Chief Thompson said officers will not begin issuing tickets as soon as the changes go into effect. He told 7NEWS they will try to educate the public and issue warnings before issuing citations.