GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — A Greenville County Council Member is looking to outlaw mask mandates in the area.

District 22 Council Member Stan Tzouvelekas is proposing an ordinance that would prohibit “any person, entity, business, school, educational facility or public entity” from requiring masks “in the unincorporated areas of Greenville County.” Medical facilities, doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical clinics would still be able to set their own mask mandates, according to the proposal.

“All across the country, jurisdictions are requiring mask mandates in schools and government buildings,” Tzouvelekas said. “There’s not a federal mandate right now. I don’t want our county to require people to wear masks if there’s not a federal mandate. If they want to wear a mask, they certainly can. It doesn’t stop that. But, you cannot require them to wear a mask.”

Tzouvelekas began proposing his ordinance during Tuesday’s county council meeting. However, according to Chairman Dan Tripp, Tzouvelekas violated the county council’s rules when he began explaining the proposal. The meeting was then ended.

“When he puts a motion on the table, he’s supposed to state that motion and not debate the policy,” Tripp said. “That’s for another time and another committee meeting. When he would not stop, I had it cut his mic off, and then we adjourned because he kept going.”

“It’s unfortunate that the chairman wants to squash our First Amendment rights right here in front of the people,” Tzouvelekas said.

“No one silenced him,” Tripp said. “We’re just going by the rules.”

It is unclear if Tzouvelekas will propose his ordinance again at the next county council meeting.