GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A plan to change the way Greenville is growing is one step closer to being approved. The city’s development code is aimed at shaping the growth of the city of Greenville, where they want it and where they don’t.

The new proposed development code for the city of Greenville is the first one created since the ’70s.

“Managing our growth is our number one priority and this new zoning code is all about preserving existing single-family homes. It’s also about opening up new greenspace opportunities and basically stopping sprawl,” said Mayor Knox White.

It gives life to the city’s 20-40 Comprehensive Plan.

“Really big focus on affordable housing, open space, and transportation and mobility,” said Shannon Lavrin. “It also addresses how we want to preserve our existing neighborhoods in relationship to our notes and corridors.”

The planning commission gave a lot of feedback to city staff during Tuesday night’s meeting.

“Everything from the placement of garages, garage doors, driveways, retaining walls. Those are things that may always sound the most exciting but are actually important to neighborhoods,” said Lavrin.

Shannon Lavrin, Assistant City Manager, said more than 1,200 members of the community have weighed in on the plan.

“I think we’ve heard a lot from the public about Accessory Dwelling Units,” she said. “One of the things they would like to see if they’re added to the code, provisions they would like to see in place for those accessory dwelling units.”

An accessory dwelling unit is like a guest house or a garage apartment.

Mayor Know White said they want to address concerns for those living along Augusta Street corridor.

“It was confirmed again tonight that where there’s existing residential on Augusta Road, will be continued to be zoned that way. There’s no change in that at all,” he said.

Mayor Knox said this process is dependent on public feedback.

“We really believe in public input, and we get a lot of really good ideas from the public on things that need to be changed,” stated the Mayor.

He said this code will give the city the tools to manage growth they haven’t had in the past.

The commission agreed to delay the vote to make sure all concerns are addressed.

City staff is recommending that once the code is passed, it is reviewed twice in the first year and annually after that.

The planning commission will have a continuance on the development code, which is open for public comment, on either May 2 or 15.