GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A Greenville man and his dog are gaining popularity on TikTok after showing off a jaw-dropping  homemade dog house.

Owner Johnathan Lower said the dog house was a home project for made his dog Teddy after moving into their new home. Lower posted the building process on TikTok and it boosted their followers and interactions by the thousands overnight.

“I went to bed that night and had 78,000 notifications on my phone and was like ‘what in the world’,” Lower said.

Since posting their first video together in February, their popularity has skyrocketed. Lower’s TikTok account, ‘thehomeprojectguy’ has reached over one million followers. A few of their more popular videos have gotten more than 100 million views across social media. 

Lower said he created the account after losing several family members over past year and never expected it to blow up.

“I’ve always heard people say they want to be TikTok famous and they always said its hard to get followers on TikTok. I did not expect to it blow up. That wasn’t the goal,” Lower said, “It was just having fun, uploading some home projects and the dog house with teddy then it just blew up out of nowhere.”

Teddy, a full-blooded golden retriever, and Lower can be seen getting into lots of fun at some of their favorite spots in Greenville like Falls Park and Gather GVL — but most of the action happens in their own home.

Lower said teddy’s a very ‘good boy’ and cooperative when it comes to creating those super cute videos.

“I’ll put him into a position whether he’s on his back, or in the pool floating on his back and tell him to stay and he will not move until I give him the go ahead to move, hes a really good dog. He’s awesome around kids and people. He’s the best dog,” Lower said.

Lower said he plans to start a series of videos called ‘air teddy’ — inspired by the movie Airbud— in the coming week.