GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Retailors, businesses and green space. Those are just some of the many things Greenville’s mayor said Monday is going right for the city, as they try to keep up with the growth.

There’s a lot of admiration for this city. “It’s just really, really nice, I love it,” Greenville Resident, Debbie Grisanti said.

At least that’s the case for Debbie Grisanti who has lived here for decades. She spends a lot of time with her friends, enjoying what downtown has to offer. Through those years of living here, she has seen a lot of change and growth.

“Whoever is in charge is doing a really good job,” Grisanti told 7NEWS.

That would be Mayor Knox White. He spent Monday afternoon reflecting on Greenville’s past in a room full of some other city and county leaders. He also discussed the direction of the city, with the creation of the soon-to-be unveiled, Unity Park.

“We made this a very desirable place to be, it’s particularly an important time to take a deep breath and said how do we keep the right balance with quality of life and all the growth. One important thing you should do is create more green space and park space,” City of Greenville Mayor, Knox White told 7NEWS.

Mayor Knox White said just to add to the flourishing local economy, retail downtown is coming back strong and residential developments are continuing to grow.

For some Greenville residents though like Thomas Eurell, it’s the affordable​ housing issue they would like to see Mayor White tackle more aggressively next.

“Just the rent to go down, can be able to still afford to live out here with their head high and have some nice relationships and build a community around themselves, just like everybody else,” said Greenville Resident, Thomas Eurell.

Mayor White said they’re trying to inject more affordability into their housing stock.

What’s next for Greenville, Mayor Knox White said maintaining the balance between green space and developments. That’s why he believes Unity Park is so critical to the future success of the city.

Unity Park is expected to officially open to the public May 19.