GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – It has barely been a week since a 12-year-old was shot and killed at their middle school in Greenville County. Leaders with the Greenville NAACP Branch want to make sure something like this, never happens again.

When parents said goodbye to their children going to Tanglewood Middle School on March 31st, little did they know, it would end with a student dead, his classmate arrested and a wave of fear for families.

Since then, leaders with the Greenville NAACP Branch said Friday, they’ve been in deep conversations trying to figure out a solution.

“We need more problem-solving activities in our schools, crisis prevention training for staff needs to have more of that, more training from the principal on down,” said Greenville NAACP Branch President, J.M. Flemming.

Greenville NAACP Branch President, J.M. Flemming said they want the violence to stop. They don’t believe what they call, artificial solutions will help.

Metal detectors will not solve our problem in our school, SRO’s in our school is not the solution to our problem,” Flemming told us.

He does however think making it tougher for kids to have access to guns will.

“Our problem with guns is not the problem of our children, our problems are with the adults,” Flemming said.

The executive director of the board has a child in the Greenville County School District. What unfolded at Tanglewood Middle School last week has left her very concerned.

“We need knowledgeable, qualified counselors to advocate for our children and an open-door policy when my child can speak with a counselor, administrator anytime confidentially about what’s effecting them on a daily basis,” said NAACP Executive Committee Member, Tonjalyn Cokley.

She and other members of the Greenville NAACP want change.

They want it fast, before another tragedy strikes a South Carolina school.

What’s next in all of this, the president with the local NAACP branch said they want to communicate with the superintendent here in Greenville County about what to do as a community to help bring about these changes to students.

We did ask the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office once again about where the student accused of the shooting at Tanglewood Middle School, got the gun. We’re told that is still under investigation.