By Kirsten


GREENVILLE, SC – The culinary community in downtown Greenville will be coming together on Monday, September 4th, to host “Brunch For A Cause,” a fundraiser brunch to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

For Michael Kramer, a chef at Jianna’s restaurant in downtown Greenville, the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused Texas hit close to home.

“I spent six years of my life there,” he told 7 News Saturday. “I was a chef there, and of course my son Evan was born there one day after Hurricane Ike.”

Kramer said he came to the upstate from Houston 6 years ago.

He explained that watching his old friends and co-workers suffer from the deadly floods made him want to help.

“I know so many people and I know that city so well, that it was important to me to figure out a way that we could give back.”

Although he won’t take credit, Kramer is the one responsible for sending out an e-mail to the restaurant group Table 301, pitching the idea to host a fundraiser.

As of Saturday evening, 17 local restaurants joined in, donating food items for the brunch for free.

“Brunch For A Cause” begins at 11am.

According to, there will be buffet-style food and drinks for people to sit down and enjoy.

Part of Main Street will be blocked off for the event, beginning at Broad Street and ending at East Court Street.

“We’re kind of a unique group, food and bev,” said Jennifer Mortazavi, a manager at Halls Chop House. “It’s kind of a smaller community within ourselves and once we pull everyone together, we can do great things.”

Halls Chop House is one restaurant helping out.

Mortazavi said they will be donating macaroni salad and potato salad, among other side dishes.

All proceeds from ticket sales are said to go straight to the Red Cross.

For tickets and a list of all restaurants participating in the brunch, click here: