GREENVILLE, SC – The State Department of Health and Environmental Control, known as DHEC, announced in a letter dated March 6th that they are investigating an Upstate Women’s Clinic for several violations, alleging their workers were recorded transporting ‘infectious waste.’

Those videos given to 7 News appear to show Greenville Women’s Clinic workers driving boxes of infectious waste over to a Quick Trip gas station, to hand them over to a biological waste truck driver.

According to the group Created Equal, an organization wanting to end abortions, they received three videos by a Greenville ‘whistle blower,’ wanting to remain anonymous.

The group’s national director, Mark Harrington, spoke with 7 News on the phone Tuesday. 

“I think anyone with a right mind is going to think this is kind of sickening… it’s gross,” he said.

Harrington explained that Created Equal sent in the videos to DHEC to show how clinic employees were transporting their own waste.

Documents obtained by 7 News show that DHEC is now investigating the Women’s Clinic for 5 separate occasions where laws were believed to be violated.

A lawyer for Greenville Women’s Clinic, Randall S. Hiller, responded to the complaint in a letter to DHEC, saying that employees do not “contest the factual observations,” but argued they had good reason for transporting the waste.

Hiller wrote that waste transport trucks were many times unable to enter the clinic’s driveway because of protestors blocking the entrance.

He explained that for that reason, Stericycle made a deal with the clinic to meet off-site if the waste was considered “small generator quantity.”

Harrington, although he was not there, called the reasoning a bluff due to legal reasons.

“That’s bogus first of all,” he said over the phone. “Nobody blocks the entrance to an abortion facility, it’s actually a federal law. […] All they had to do was call local police or federal officials, and these people would have been prosecuted.”

7 News did stop by Greenville Women’s Clinic Tuesday but no one was there to comment.