Greenwood, S.C. (WSPA) – September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and school counselor Beth Justesen in Greenwood School District 50 is urging parents and family members to keep an eye out for signs of mental health distress in students and young people.

Justesen said she’d seen more signs of stress in students after the pandemic. She said being isolated caused anxiety and stress among other things.

Symptoms you could look for might be your student experiencing mood swings, getting upset for seemingly no reason, changes in motivation and interest, withdrawing socially and more.

If you see these signs she said to contact your student’s school counselor, you could also contact a family physician or even a mental health professional.

If you are feeling upset you can call 9-8-8 anytime to talk to someone.

Healthy Learners is an organization in cities throughout SC that removes health barriers to students’ learning.

Aimee Clark, Community Manager for Healthy Learners, said they transport students to doctor appointments and other health needs so students can focus on learning.

Healthy Learners would like you to participate in an Adult Spelling Bee on Sept 27. Sign up and learn more to support at