GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – A ministry in Greer hopes to add more space to their homeless shelter.

But the location they want to expand to can only be approved by a city council vote.

Daily Bread Ministries owns property with a soup kitchen that runs seven days a week.

Now, they want to expand their homeless shelter by adding five tiny homes in the parking lot area of the property.

The ministry currently has a shelter with four apartments for people trying to get back on their feet.

“So we bring the folks in and educate them in life skills and help them find jobs, transportation and housing,” Daily Bread Ministries board member Chip Patat said.

Daily Bread Ministries has to get the property rezoned and approved by the city council.

The planning commission has already recommended to deny the rezoning.

“They call it a design review district, a DRD rezoning. Basically this property is commercial and they see our new project as residential, so we need a variance in the zoning to allow us to build these homes on this property,” Patat said. 

Those overseeing the tiny homes project said this area on the Daily Bread Ministries property would be the best fit.

“Our first hope is to get them here but should that not be allowed then maybe we would take a look at the next step, which would be another piece of property,” Patat said. 

Each tiny home would have a bed, kitchenette and bathroom.

Patat said he hopes those on council making the decision about the tiny homes project would put themselves into the shoes of those in need.

“It would be huge to the people living there. The people used to sleeping under a tree or not having restroom facilities, particularly in the winter time, not having a warm place to be. For them, it would be huge,” Patat said. 

The ministry said it is not funded by government, so they will be relying on private donations to fund the tiny homes.