ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) — The Anderson County Main Library is hosting its second annual “Halloween Costume Swap” from now until Halloween day. 

According to the library, over 80 gently used costumes were donated by people in the community. 

“We wanted to do this because we thought it would be a value to the families that we serve. It would be something that they would find useful in terms of not only recycling costumes that maybe no longer fit their child but also finding new costumes that do fit their child,” said Diane Smiley. 

According to Smiley, only one costume is allowed per child. 

“We’ve had a wonderful response to this. When you frequently hear parents particularly around the holidays talk about how much money they spend on costumes that fit their child for a year, maybe two and then then they’re left over with a costume that they don’t know what to do with,” said Smiley.

The Youth Services said they have a plethora of different themes and sizes to choose from at no cost to the parents. 

 “It’s a great way to share the things that they have almost like a family.  You know when you’re part of a family and you have hand-me-down clothes, same kind of thing so it’s a great way of sharing things that they already have without that extra expense,” said Smiley. 

Smiley created a visual catalog of all of the costumes that includes a picture, short description and the size to make the process of looking for a costume easier. 

“It has been fun talking to parents and kids helping them find the right costume and then the child getting to try the costume on. In fact, last week we had a little girl who came in and found a cute little witch costume. She was so excited that she just had to put it on and she wore it out of the library,” said Smiley. 

To participate, visit the Children’s Department on the main floor of the Anderson County Library on McDuffie St during library hours.