HAYWOOD, N.C. (WSPA) – Emergency crews in Haywood County are still searching for dozens of people they told us have been unaccounted for since strong storms and heavy rain hit Tuesday afternoon in western North Carolina. The sheriff there said they’re not giving up until everyone is found.

Cries for help are still haunting Cheri Mincey.

“That was the first time I actually cried because I just watched a guy drown and there was nothing I could do,” said Cheri Mincey whose home was swept away in flood waters in Haywood County Tuesday afternoon.

She was at the Canton First Baptist Church getting a warm meal Wednesday evening because everything she owns is gone. It was swept away in rushing waters, just like her trailer, that she was inside.

“I don’t care what anybody says, no one can understand it unless you’ve lived through it. The next thing I know, I’m floating down the river,” Mincey described.

She told us, she was at her home in Haywood County when the rain started coming down.

“I was under water and I can’t swim, I started crying. I finally came to a stop and there was a trailer that went into me this way and a trailer that went into my bedroom,” said Mincey.

She told 7 NEWS it took three hours to get rescued because there was no clear path to get to her. She’s one of a handful of people still processing the aftermath of it all.

“We have been searching abandoned vehicles, homes, buildings for survivors,” Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher said during a press conference Wednesday.

But the community has been helping, dropping off donations for people like Mincey, who have been left with nothing.

“I’ve been very excited and touched by the goodness of humanity in this event,” said Pastor Court Greene with Canton First Baptist Church.

Mincey doesn’t know what’s next, but she told us she’s trying to keep a brave heart.

“What’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen, I have no earthly idea- but God does,” Mincey said.

Mincey wasn’t hurt in all of this, neither was her dog who was also in the trailer when everything happened. She is one of about 10 people seeking emergency shelter Wednesday night at a Waynesville High School.