With record rain in some areas, the ground has become extremely saturated. With that wet ground comes hazards for trees that aren’t healthy, to fall. 

Schneider Tree Service says getting an arborist to evaluate the health of your trees, could be vital to avoiding a mess in your yard. 

Experts say you can look for signs as well, “mushrooms growing on the tree, let’s us know there’s some sort of dead or dying on the tree, we’re looking for dead branches, we’re looking for soil heaving or cracking” said Brandon Brown, President of Schneider Tree Service. 

Brown says that you can also look for dead branches or dead trees. Pruning can also be key to protecting your tree from falling during a storm. 

“Effectively removing some of the branches to allow the wind to blow through it…it has a greater chance of withstand any kind of storm that is coming,” said Brown. 

An arborist can help you make those decisions and get your tree healthy so that you don’t end up with a mess in your yard. 

“At any point it in a tree’s life is more cost effective to maintain it…make it healthy than it is to remove and replace it,” said Brown.