HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA)- A Hendersonville woman was sentenced Monday in connection to a deadly shooting.

According to DA’s Office, Natalie Louise Miller, 33, of Hendersonville, NC, pled guilty to Second Degree Murder and Concealment of a Death charges.

7News previously reported that officers responded on December 08, 2019, to a call from a friend of the defendant, and said that Miller had contacted him and told him that she had shot and killed her boyfriend, Samuel Kalain Frazier.

Upon arrival, Samuel Kalain Frazier was found to be dead inside the house with two gunshot wounds from a .45-caliber gun that was sitting on the table.

While investigating, Miller said that she actually shot Frazier the day before the 911 call was made.

After shooting Frazier, Miller said she removed money from Frazier’s wallet and went out to buy dinner and liquor before returning to the house and waiting for Frazier to wake up.

Detectives also found receipts to confirm what Miller had said. Miller also said in an interview with detectives that she believed Frazier was faking his death and that he would get up
at some point during the night.

Officials found a hollow point bullet in the home with writings on the side of the bullet. Written On the bullet was “Love N.M.”

The investigation revealed that Miller had a history of mental illness. The investigation also revealed she had no prior criminal convictions before the murder. Miller was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years before she is eligible for release.