Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went to Denmark, South Carolina Friday afternoon to announce a new economic plan. She went to Denmark because it’s part of the so-called “Corridor of Shame,” an area of older school buildings along the I-95 corridor highlighted in a documentary of the same name. She’s calling her broader plan her “Breaking Every Barrier Agenda,” and called her meeting in Denmark the “Corridor of Opportunity Town Hall.”

Her plan is a $125 billion economic revitalization effort for underserved communities, most of which would be communities of color, like those in the “Corridor of Shame” in South Carolina. Her plan includes a $50 billion investment to create new jobs, with $20 billion of that going to local programs that would put jobless young people to work.

She told the crowd she would pay for the plan by “imposing taxes on the largest and riskiest financial institutions.”

She also took questions from the audience, including ones about how she would help homeless veterans, protect Social Security, and improve relations between police and the African-American community.