This week, Hometown Spotlight features a mentor program pairing male role models in the community with young boys in Spartanburg who need a positive father figure in their lives. 

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My Brothers Keeper South Carolina was founded in 2015 and is part of a greater initiative established during the Obama Administration. 
The group in South Carolina has grown into a youth and family-centered organization, that’s committed to empowering individuals of all backgrounds.
Organizers said they believe every young person deserves equal opportunity to achieve success, regardless of circumstance.
In Spartanburg, we introduce you to Spartanburg Police Officer Reginald Spurgeon who first noticed boys in need of positive role models when he was on patrol at an apartment complex. His mentor is Elijah Tate. 
Years later he and other officers say they’ve poured into these young boys and made them part of their families. 
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