HONEA PATH, S.C. (WSPA) – The Honea Path Police Department is warning residents to be mindful of a door-to-door scam which has already stolen hundreds of dollars from homeowners.

According to the police department, the scam involves a person representing themselves as an employee with AMR Sealcoating and offering to coat homeowners’ driveways.

One victim of the scam reportedly told police the salesperson offered to do the job for $300 and was “very pushy,” and would not take no for an answer.

Once the work was done, the victim said the person demanded $900, then agreed to take a check for $600 and wrote a receipt for $450.

The victims check later cleared for $600.

“This a known scam around the country. Firmly decline their offer if they approach your door,” the police department said. “No contract or business license, then no recourse if the work is done improperly. Beware and contact the Honea Path Police Department or dispatch at 864-260-4444.”