MIAMI, Fla. (WSPA) — A horse that was ridden nearly 700 miles from the Upstate has a permanent home after months of care and rehabilitation.

Trigger made headlines when he was rescued in Florida last November.

Chris Emerson told the Miami Herald newspaper that he left Greenwood, South Carolina and decided to ride Trigger to Key West after he got divorced and crashed his truck.

Emerson was charged with animal cruelty. Trigger was taken in at South Florida SPCA (SFSPCA) where rescuers say he received about five months of critical care and rehabilitation.

“Trigger arrived at SFSPCA’s rescue ranch dangerously malnourished and blind in one eye. His mouth was raw with painful sores, the result of his bit placed in backwards… His back was so sore, even the lightest touch made him shudder and try to bite in defense,” SFSPCA said in a statement.

The rescue group said Trigger slowly regained weight, his sores healed and he was able to run free.

The group says Emerson was scheduled to go on trial later this month, but agreed to sign over full legal custody of the horse as part of the plea.

The organization announced Wednesday that it has arranged permanent sanctuary for Trigger at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm.