SPARTANBURG, S.C. – (WSPA) Patients in the Spartanburg Regional Hospice System don’t have to be completely confined to a room and bed.

New technology and a cardboard box are changing things.

“I will never forget the look on his face just how it lit up and he got to look all around and he was in a crowd of people and there was fireworks,” Katie Harbin said. 

With this program patients can take a trip anywhere and see it all in virtual reality.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation and Hospice says all they need is this box and a smartphone.

“You’re able to put your smartphone in the viewer and you put it on Youtube and then you bring up virtual reality videos that people from all over the world have uploaded and then you can show people places they want to see,” Kelly Hall said. 

Hospice is a place for people with a terminal illness who have a limited life span.

Those who work with these patients say it’s nice to put a smile on their face.

“It’s wonderful to be able to take people outside of their current situation and for them to be able to travel to finally just take a breath or take a break from what’s going on around them,” Harbin said. 

If you would like to volunteer with the hospice center you can call 864-560-5636 or click here.