It’s a hot September, the families of Kala Brown and Charlie David Carver were worried.

Missing persons cases are filed for the couple that was last seen August 31st leaving their apartment complex together.

Anderson investigators would work the case for a month and a half, before the realized their search expanded to Spartanburg County.

On October 18th, 2016, Sargent Brandon Letterman got a phone call. “You need to meet with these detectives from Anderson. I said Okay…for what? They’ve got a missing person’s case that might lead up here, they are here now.” said Letterman.

The Anderson officers outlined their case, the couple gone missing together, their phones pinging in Woodruff on August 31st. Investigators also relayed a third part tip that Kala was buried on a 100 acre property. The only 100 acre property within 2 miles of that cell phone tower belonged to Todd Kohlhepp. Broker and real estate agent and also sex offender.

Sgt. Letterman got to work, they flew the 100 acre property, looking specifically for Charlie Carver’s white Pontiac. The car was covered in brown spray paint and brush, unidentifiable from the air.

Letterman pulled phone records for Kohlhepp, which showed his cell phone was in the same place as Kala and Charlie on the last day they were seen. “So at that point we determined there was enough to go ahead and present the warrant to search the property of Todd Kohlhepp,” said Letterman.

On November 3rd, 2016, two teams of investigators split up. One Anderson detective and two Spartanburg County investigators would visit Todd’s home on Windsong Way in Moore, a slew of detectives descended on Todd Kohlhepp’s Woodruff property.


Detectives would talk with Kohlhepp poking holes in his story, until the minute they got a phone call from Woodruff.

Investigators had searched the barn, clearing it, but finding U-bolt chains around a bed in a loft apartment. They moved on the Conex Container, using a sledge hammer to break the lock, hearing the words HELP! 15 minutes later. The investigators used Kohlhepp’s own tools to cut open the container he was holding Kala Brown captive in. As Kala emerged from the dark, so did Todd’s secrets.

On a 30 minute ride to the hospital, Kala would detail her daily interactions with Kohlhepp, how Kohlhepp killed Charlie Carver, and other crimes that Kohlhepp told Kala about. Some of those included having 4 bodies buried on the property, killing 4 people at a bike shop, and being a hired agent for the Government to kill drug dealers.

Investigators found Charlie’s grave and recovered his body, using a tattoo on his back shoulder to help identify him. They hit a road block tracking down the graves of the other four bodies Kala alluded to. After previously asking for a lawyer, Todd Kohlhepp re-initiated contact with investigators Tommy Clark and Mark Gaddy.

He began to tell them that he killed Meagan and Johnny Coxie, saying he picked them up at the corner of Reidville and Blackstock road as they were panhandling, offering them work.


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