ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Vets Helping Vets Anderson is a support group for veterans that meets every Wednesday morning.

Jesse Taylor started the non-profit.

As an Army veteran, Taylor said he was in a dark space after the service and he knew he needed to continue to seek help.

“We started out with only 14 guys and today we run in, like I said, 145 or so on average,” said Founder and President of Vets Helping Vets Anderson, Jesse Taylor. “Today, we’ve got people from all branches of the military, you know, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps.”

The group provides resources to those in need.

Taylor said it doesn’t matter what your background is, they’ll take you in with open arms.

“We’re all veterans,” Taylor added. “You can be a banker or a policeman or what have you. When you were in the military, when you walk in that door right there, you’re a veteran. What you did on the outside stays outside.”

Jerimiah Palmer serves as the chapter’s chaplain.

“Here, I feel that I can be some help to others because I ran through a lot of other situations that I’ve been involved with,” Palmer said.

He runs a prayer list and preaches at funerals when a member passes away.

“Every member works in a different way to help out,” Palmer explained. “And I wish all the veterans could come and be a part of this.”

Palmer served in the Marines.

“I was dealing with problems and suffering because I got wounded in Vietnam,” Palmer said. “I got shot and I was in an ambush. I got shot twice. Got shot here and calf, and then i get shot in the thigh.”

He said his journey with God gets him through his own suffering and that’s what’s allowed him to give back to others.

Palmer said if you’re a veteran needing help, he would love to hear your story and work to get you through it.

Jesse Taylor and Jeremiah Palmer, Thank You For Your Service.

To learn more about Vets Helping Vets Anderson organization, click here.