SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Hundreds of children in need were helped this holiday season, and it’s not too late for you to lend a hand.

Organizers with the Middle Tyger Community Center said through their Christmas program, they were able to help almost 200 families and over 500 children.

Through donations, food from their food pantry and even making sure children have Christmas gifts under the tree.

A lot of families are struggling this holiday season and many community members, like Trevin Thompson and his team, stepped in to help.

“The father is a single dad, he has cancer and can’t work, and is just in a tough spot,” said Thompson.

He said his company, Thompson-Turner, donates all the time, but this was the first time that he and his team made a personal donation to a family.

“They were using the oven to heat the house because the wiring was so bad, electrical panel was so bad. I thought about it all afternoon and sent an e-mail out to my team,” he said. “We were able to raise about $4,000 dollars to get a new panel, labor, new oven put in, a whole bunch of Christmas gifts.”

Now, the family will have heat for Christmas.

“It feels great,  you know, it was awesome to be able to offer them a lot more comfort. Especially, over this Christmas break,” said Thompson.

This is just one story of many, Middle Tyger Community Center focuses on helping families in need.  

“Every year we do a Christmas project, we partner with the schools to get families that the schools’ notice may need a little extra help,” said Haley Grau.

Helping to spread some Christmas cheer.

“The amazing part about the Christmas program does not only do we know it goes to families in need, but our sponsors treat these children as their own children,” she said.

Executive Director, Haley Grau, said they help anyone in need and set them up with case management.

“Serve this community in whatever way they need,” said Grau. “So, we provide holistic resources and programs, so that people have the opportunity to help themselves thrive.”

Through programs, like budgeting, counseling and parenting classes, they give families the tools they need to get through hard times. Grau said they also help people get their GEDs. Everything they offer is completely free.

There are unlimited ways Grau said the community can help people, not just during Christmas.

Whether you’re an individual or part of a business, you can help, because Christmas miracles can happen year-round.

If you would like to help, Grau said there are multiple ways you can. Whether that’s volunteering at their food pantry and giving out food, having your business donate time and resources or sponsoring a family in need.

Grau said any type of donation is appreciated and goes directly to those in need, and is tax-deductible.

If you and your family are in need, or you would like to help, click here.