GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Former Greenville County law enforcement officer Ryan Gibson turned himself in to the Greenville County Detention Center Friday. He is charged with assault and battery 3rd degree, misconduct/malfeasance in office, and misconduct in office.

Benny Jones returned to the Greenville County Law Enforcement center Friday, seven months after he was unlawfully arrested, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators determined.

“When you see the police, you should feel safe. Not terrified,” Jones said. “In my case, I felt terrified.”

Friday, the deputy who arrested him, Ryan Gibson, was the one in jail.

“It’s an unfortunate situation that happened,” Jones said. “I’m just glad they was able to resolve it.”

Gibson’s attorney declined to comment.

After the incident last summer, Jones turned to activist Traci Fant of Freedom Fighters Upstate SC to help him file a complaint at the Sheriff’s Office. She said law enforcement was trying to arrest a man they had pulled over in front of Jones’ house, and he and his children came out to see what the commotion was. She said then, Deputy Ryan Gibson turned his attention away from the suspect and began beating Jones.

“The suspect fled, and so instead of chasing the man that ran, you run up on the man that’s minding his business in his yard…that’s unaccepabtle,” Fant said.

Jones was afraid the situation would escalate when Gibson set his sights on him– his first thought:

“My children were watching, and the whole time I was asking him, what was he doing and what was going on and why…and the only response I got was getting beaten,” Jones said.

Gibson was fired five days later. Sheriff Hobart Lewis released a statement Friday thanking Fant for bringing the situation to his attention.

Gibson turned himself in at the Law Enforcement Center. He’s facing charges of assault and battery 3rd degree and misconduct in office.

“It should be a wake up call for the officers to let them know that just because you wear that badge, you don’t just control everything,” Jones said. “You still have to be aaccountable as a person and about your job.”