GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Great news for ice skating fans, it’s almost the time of year to lace up those skates. United Community Ice on Main is opening November 15.

“When you have the ice rink opening, Ice on Main, and then the Christmas parade soon thereafter, the season has really started in downtown Greenville,” said Mayor Knox White.

“The rink has been built over the last two days, they just brought in the chiller, the skate shed, the ticket shed. So, all of the pieces that really make the rink so special finally arrived,” said Anna Catherine Miller.

Anyone 3 and older can skate, tickets are $8 for kids and $10 for adults.

“Each session is an hour long and then we get out there to make sure the ice is good to go for the next session,” said Miller.

Because of construction, the placement of the rink was talked about, but it remains in its usual spot next to City Hall.

“So, we had to make some changes and adjustments to the ice-skating rink, but everybody agreed: the private parties, the owners, as well as the city, that this is just the perfect spot for an ice-skating rink,” said White.

The weather can make having an ice rink tricky, but White said they have a secret weapon.

“We invest in a very large chiller to maintain the ice at the right temperature, even when it’s close to 70 degrees,” he said. “So, people may be skating with short pants on and t-shirts, but they can still skate.”

Anna Catherine Miller, with Greenville Parks and Rec, said they have coils that pump Glycol to help freeze the water and the chiller helps everything stay frozen.

“Everything from wind, sun, the temperature outside, it all kind of plays a role on whether or not this stays frozen. To be an outdoor rink in Greenville, South Carolina, it’s incredible that we’re able to do it,” she said.

Miller said they are able to do the rink through their partnership with United Community.

13 years later, it’s still bringing people joy.

“It’s just a remarkable space where people can be entertained, you don’t have to ice skate to just enjoy yourself,” said the Mayor.

Tickets go on sale November 1, the rink will be open until January 15.

The holiday hours will be different, but the rink will be open on Thanksgiving and closed on Christmas.

For more info on tickets and Ice on Main, click here.