Identical twin sisters had an early Christmas surprise. They both gave birth within 24 hours of each other. 

Twin sisters Iesha and Nyesha Dean have lived their lives on parallel tracks. 

“We started nursing school together. We graduated the same day. We took our state boards the same day…got our results back on the same day. We work the same place,” Nyesha said. “So like everything we do, we do together.”

This week, they passed a new milestone together. They gave birth to babies a day apart. They were even in the room with the each other during labor. 

Nyesha said they even had the same symptoms during pregnancy. 

Iesha gave birth to a baby girl, Trinity Symone Dotson, on Dec. 4. On Dec. 3, Nyesha gave birth to a boy,  Devante Tymire Gaines.

The babies were due more than two weeks apart. 

“But she ended up going past her due date, and I ended up going before my due date,” Nyesha said. 

These children are a sweet surprise for Iesha and Nyesha after they faced a bitter loss earlier this year. 

“We found out we was pregnant like a couple weeks after my mama passed,” Nyesha said. “She passed on Feb. 28.”

She said their mother would be happy about the new additions to the family. 
“I look at these babies as angels you know, for my Mama,” Nyesha said. 

In the future, Iesha and Nyesha Dean expect their babies to carry their special bond in to the next generation. 

Both babies were both at AnMed Health Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Anderson.