UPDATE: The application for the industrial wastewater evaporation facility was withdrawn in Clinton.

CLINTON, S.C. (WSPA) — A proposed industrial wastewater processing facility is causing concern for nearby residents in Laurens County. The facility, proposed by owner H2O Blue, LLC, is slated for 13233 SC Highway 56; the location is roughly a mile from the I-26 interchange and is close to many residential properties.

Community members upset by the proposal held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the proposed facility. Organizers report gathering 83 signatures against the project.

Public comment for the project is now open through August 2. You can make comments and review pertinent documents here.

Residents nearby say they are concerned by a myriad of reasons: potential air pollution, possible groundwater contamination, noise pollution from the facility and the volume of tractor-trailer traffic through nearby residential areas.

“We’re already congested with truck traffic,” Mike Johnson, who owns a farm nearby, said. “There’s Pilot right there and there’s an unknown amount of trucks that come into Pilot, so we just add to that congestion, again, with children up and down the road.”

Organizers of Tuesday’s meeting say they are working to set up a second meeting to learn more about the project. They plan to start dialogue with lawyers to discuss preventing the facility.