GREENVILLE, SC – Rope courses, zip lines, and obstacles 50 feet above the ground.

It’s not for everyone but for those craving a challenge the newest aerial adventure park is now open in the Upstate.

Most aerial adventure parks require wide open spaces and tall trees.

Which has made the next trend in the evolution of outdoor adventure a bit of a challenge: building one in a downtown area.

However, Jonathan Simmons, founder of “Flying Rabbit Adventures,” found something rare in a swath of trees that managed to survive downtown Greenville development.

“It is a giant playground,” said Simmons. “We tucked it right into the trees.”

Simmons said the trees are some of the largest that still exist in the downtown Greenville area.

He found the roughly 5 acres between Laurens Road and Interstate 385 and knew it would be the perfect spot to build his business idea while still protecting the trees.

“My vision was always to have it along the Swamp Rabbit Trail and for it to be in a nice set of trees,” Simmons explained. “And, try to instill a love of nature and adventure in order to make this a better place.”

The course sits within view from what will be the extension of the Swamp Rabbit Trail across Laurens Road.

Combining his experience as an arborist and designer of aerial adventure parks across the world, Simmons set out to start “Flying Rabbit Adventures” in the new Holland Park.

That’s the new dining and entertainment complex that includes Home Team BBQ and Double Stamp Brewery.

In the back of the property is where you’ll find Flying Rabbit Adventures.

That’s where Simmons showed 7 News what his new adventure park entails.

A main tower structure that’s three stories high has three wings of 58 ropes obstacles that are designed to push participants’ physical and mental limits in a fun environment and situated in the trees.

“I could walk across this balance beam if it was on a log laying on the ground but when I put it 15 feet in the air all of a sudden it becomes harder,” Simmons explained.

While locked into a continuous cable and pulley system that prevents people from falling, you have 3 levels to choose from: beginners, intermediate, and the top level that’s over 50 above the ground with more complex obstacles.

You have the option of trying the course on your own or with a guide who assists you with maneuvering the obstacles and offers encouragement throughout your journey.

At the end, there’s a zip line to finish that managers said is a very popular opportunity for a social media picture.

“It’s just a beautiful area to come hang out. You pretty much always feel this breeze you’re feeling,” Simmons said.

There’s also a smaller play area for younger children, an all-wheel pump track, and a brand new viewing deck with couches and other seating areas.

There is a height and weight requirement and prices vary depending on the level you choose.

In all, you can spend up to two and a half hours on the course.

For more information on prices and other amenities, check out their website. (