LAKE CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — Crews continued clean up on Wednesday in Lake City after 25 cars on a train derailed after it hit a car that was stopped on the tracks on Monday.

“It was a disaster zone,” City Administrator William A. Hall said. “It actually looked like a hurricane had come through and destroyed everything. The roads were closed, limited access, debris was all in the streets, cars were flipped over, so it was an eye catcher.”

On Tuesday evening, the city reopened the remaining of its four railroad crossings that were closed due to the derailment. Trains were moving through but a boil water advisory was still in effect due to a water main break during cleanup.

The city was testing the water Wednesday and hoped to lift the advisory by Thursday.

Green Frog Social House was forced to close Tuesday due to water pressure issues caused by the derailment. On Wednesday, the restaurant was open but was only selling fried foods.

“We’re having to go out of our pockets right now to make sure we can keep the business flowing,” said Broderick Spates, a culinary director with Crossroads Hospitality Group.

Train parts were scattered across Acline Street and even neighboring yards.

CSX cleaned up the area and repaired the tracks into useable condition. The tracks reopened at about 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Hall said one of the train cars involved chemicals.

“It didn’t get damaged, it didn’t flip off,” Hall said. “We were very fortunate on that and the other thing we were fortunate about is there was no loss of life.”

Hall said it could be a couple of weeks before CSX crews are completely finished cleaning up.

“This was a major undertaking,” he said.

Officials said the investigation into the crash is ongoing.